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Cracking the Patient Access Code


Can’t we just leverage AI to enhance patient access? In the last decade, the healthcare industry has poured over $50 billion of investment into digital health. New entrants offering on-demand healthcare models are threatening traditional healthcare practices, and patients are exercising their options – or trying to, at least. Despite throwing capital at the problem, […]

Industry Spotlight with Amanda Anthony of UCHealth

Amanda Anthony, Vice President of Patient Navigation at UCHealth, sat down with Rebecca Haymaker, a Patient Access as a Service leader at Hummingbird, for a Q&A session delving into UCHealth’s initiatives to enhance patient access and navigation. Learn more about Hummingbird’s partnership with UCHealth and how we’re working together to enhance patient access here. Rebecca: […]

Harnessing a CRM in Healthcare

A Healthcare CRM can be a win-win for patients & providers   As with many industries in recent years, healthcare has shifted toward consolidation and centralization, with healthcare organizations serving more patients than ever. Centralization can yield benefits in areas like standardization and greater efficiency of processes, improved data integration and visibility, and cost savings […]