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Hi, we’re Hummingbird.

Elevating patient access. Creating good jobs.


You can order dinner or a ride from your phone and watch its path in real time. But getting a refill for a prescription can take a week and three phone calls, with no updates or visibility on what’s happening in the meantime.

Why is healthcare so different?

Consumers are accustomed to personalized and anticipatory services from hotels, retailers, and even their grocery store, but most healthcare systems – even the innovative ones – are several years behind. Why? It’s not a lack of technology – the industry’s poured more than $50b of venture money into digital health. To make that technology work for patients in complex healthcare systems, it needs to be optimized and integrated, processes need to be centralized and standardized, and the people who serve your patients need to be valued and empowered to provide compassionate care.

Hummingbird helps healthcare systems level up

As healthcare systems progress on the patient access maturity curve, providers can focus on caring for patients, and patients can access care how, where, and when they need it.

Level 0


I need to call multiple numbers to resolve my needs.

Level 1

Standardized Workflows

When someone answers the phone, I can usually get my needs resolved.

Level 2

Centralized & Standardized Operating Model

I call one number and usually get what I need in that single call.

Level 3

Automation & Self-Service Enabled

I can use technology to resolve many of my needs on my own.

Level 4

Personalized & Anticipatory Service Model

My needs are anticipated and only require my response and involvement when I need to modify them.

Average Health System Maturity Level

Average Consumer Company Maturity Level

How do we do this?

Patient Call Center


Epic + Tech

Patient Access as a Service

Hummingbird meets our clients where they’re at on the patient access maturity curve. We benchmark current state operations, improve foundational tech, and operate part or all of the patient access stack – from Epic up to the call center.

Patient Access as a Service

Remove the friction from access. Enable a personalized experience for your patients, providers, and people.

Epic as a Service

Don’t just change hands, change outcomes. We don’t just manage tickets; we solve problems. Our extensive experience and comprehensive approach enable us to identify root causes, educate, and empower adoption for sustainable change.

Our Team

Who we are

Our origins are rooted in the belief that health systems, health workers, and patients deserve to be unburdened. Healthcare organizations are often expected to be the masters of everything, but we know that can be overwhelming. That’s why we focus on doing the work of aligning and managing technology, people, and processes so that healthcare providers can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

We believe in the power of attracting top talent and nurturing a culture that enables people to do their best work. It’s this approach that has helped us achieve success and make a real difference in the healthcare industry.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Jeremy Schwach


Raychel Haberer


John Flannery

Legal and Risk

Scott Simpson


Karly Segal

EaaS (Epic as a Service)

Emily Tempels

PAaaS (Patient Access as a Service)

Justin Jozwik


Danny Fleisher


Charlie Bauer

Chief of Staff

Our Functional Leaders

Emily Kosmerl

Talent Management

Liz Fehlman

People Experience & Culture

Blaire Skinner

HR Operations

Michael Laska

IT Operations

Paul Haney

PAaaS Operational Readiness

Rebecca Haymaker

Benchmark & Improve Service Development

Kevin Romero

EaaS Operations

Danny Simons

Controller & Finance Operator